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Tromsø - Lyngen Experience

  • Departure from Tromsø Airport: 16:30

  • Departure from Downtown Tromsø: 17:00 from “Kysten Hus” (Stortorget 1, 9008 Tromsø)*

  • Arrival at Lyngen Experience Lodge: 19:30

Lyngen Experience - Tromsø

  • Departure from Lyngen Experience Lodge: Time will be sett after first guest flight departure.

Price: NOK 1.500 per person round trip (both ways) / Minimum: 2 persons - Maximum: 16 persons


Our exclusive Targa 46 is ready to take you on a unique trip through the Northern Seas. Enjoy magic views while relaxing in the comfort of our boat.

Price for the whole boat: NOK 25.000 one way / NOK 35.000 both ways

Capacity: 12 persons / Travel time from Tromsø: 1 hour


Fly through scenic views and land just at the door of our Lodge.

Price for the complete helicopter: NOK 15.000 each way

Capacity: 5 persons / Travel time from Tromsø: 20 minutes


Volvo, BMW, Mercedes Benz or similar with private driver.

Price: from NOK 13.000 per car round trip (both ways)

Capacity: 4 persons / Travel time from Tromsø: 2 hours


Public service provided by NORLED company. Limited days and timetable.

Boat route is called “Rute 3 / Tromsø - Skjervøy” but should be taken from Tromsø to Nord-Lenangen.

Price: NOK 300 per person each way. Tickets are bought in the terminal.

Tromsø Terminal: Prostneset Havneterminal / Address: Samuel Arnesens gate 5, Tromsø

Nord-Lenangen’s Terminal is just 4 km from the Lodge. Free transport provided between this terminal and the Lodge.