Winter is a very special and magic season in the Arctic.

The Northern Lights combined with snowy mountains and woods create a unique landscape worth to be experienced.

In the sea, we receive the visit of different whales that give the final touch.

Through the hole season we offer different activities that will make your visit a true adventure.

The amazing Lyngen Alps will follow you during your stay and enhance this pristine nature.





We board our Targa 46 boat located in the port of Nord-Lenangen, only 4 km from you’re accommodation.

Our captain has 30 years of experience in the Northern Seas and, added to his good contact with local fishermen, we will drive to where the whales have last been observed.

This type of ship allows us to cruise at high speed and cover long distances in short time. When we reach these beautiful giants, we will get close to them and its perfect for good pictures.

On the search, we will sail through magnificent scenery. If we were so unlucky not to see whales, the trip itself will be a unique experience.

Price from: NOK 3.000 PER PERSON

  • Season: 01st November to mid February

  • Included: guide, warm clothes, hot drinks, mineral water and snacks

  • Departure: 9 am every Monday, Wednsday and Friday. For other days please send a request

  • Duration: 4-6 hours

  • Participants: 5-12 persons. For bigger groups we can go with two boats



Go on a snowmobile safari in outer Lyngen surrounded by the Lyngen Alps.

We will follow the snowmobile trail up the mountains. During the trip, we will stop in several spots for photos and the sight of nature’s beautiful scenery.

It is very special to see the mighty Alps while being so close to the sea.

The trail starts with simple and flat paths, where you get to know the snowmobile.

We will drive in pairs with a chance to change drivers halfway.

Price from: NOK 1.900 PER PERSON

  • Season: December to April (depending on snow condition)

  • Included: guide, transport, training, warm clothes and helmet, hot drinks and snacks

  • Departure: Depending on the weather

  • Duration on the snowmobile: Beginners 1,5 hours. Longer trip 3 hours.

  • Participants: 2-6 persons

  • Drivers must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driving license



Experience a true Arctic adventure with dog sledding along the Lyngen Alps.

Two people share a sled and 4-6 huskies run in front. We will stop along the way to change “mushers” (drivers).

The trip takes place in varied terrain, surrounded by a majestic landscape.

A true bond starts between the huskies and the people on the sledge. You will quickly learn how to talk and guide them. Our Alaskan huskies love to run and get a hug.

Price from: NOK 1.900 PER PERSON

  • Season: 1st December to 14th April

  • Included: guide, transport (60 minutes each way), warm clothes, hot drinks and meal

  • Departure: 8:45 am

  • Duration: 7 hours (dog sledding approx. 2 hours)*

  • Participants: 2-20 persons

    *due that we take a public ferry to reach the dog sledding camp, we will have approx. 30 minutes before and after the avtivity as spare time. Restaurant/Cafe available.



An exclusive opportunity to discover the Lyngen area with renown Tom-Frode Johansen’s team.

This trip is about exploring. Every day we will make a decision about where we can provide the best dog sledding. You will experience beautiful landscapes and amazing views in the heart of the Lyngen Alps.

The trip will be about 4-5 hours long, with a stop at some point to make a fire and have a coffee and snack. You will be driving your own dog team and get a chance to help harness the team before we take off.

Because the trip is quite long and with challenging trails, you have to be in good physical shape.

Price from: NOK 2.300 PER PERSON

  • Season: 1st December to 9th April

  • Included: guide, transport, warm clothes, hot drinks and meal

  • Departure: 8 am

  • Duration: 6-8 hours (dog sledding 3-4 hours)

  • Participants: 2-6 persons. For bigger groups please send a request



This trip is focused in venturing into the fascinating Sami culture. You will learn about the nomadic lifestyle of the Arctic Tundra while enjoying a great scenery.

After your ride in the Reindeer-driven sled, you can try Lasso throwing, hear story telling and Joik (traditional Sami song) and perhaps taste a cup of black coffee in the wooden Lavvo together with a traditional hot soup.

Price from: NOK 1.800 PER PERSON

  • Season: 1st December to 31st March

  • Included: guide, transport (60 minutes each way), warm clothes, hot drinks and meal

  • Departure: 8:30 am

  • Duration: 6-8 hours*

  • Participants: 2-20 persons

    *due that we take a public ferry to reach the dog sledding camp, we will have approx. 1 hour waiting after the activity as spare time. Restaurant/Cafe available. Also many nice spots for photo.



We depart in the day and walk out from the Lodge with snowshoes.

We will explore different tracks, combining snowy woods with amazing views.

Walking in the silent mountains in the middle of the winter is an experience that will last a lifetime.

Price from: NOK 950 PER PERSON

  • Season: 1st November to 30th April

  • Included: guide, snowshoes, warm clothes, snacks and drinks

  • Departure: 11 am

  • Duration: 1,5 hours

  • Participants: 2-16 persons



Hike with us through winter woodlands, warm yourself in the Lavvo and try Ice Climbing on a frozen waterfall.

Our experienced guides will make sure that you have a safe, yet thrilling experience on the ice.

Though no previous experience is needed, guests are expected to be in normal physical shape. The expedition requires a 30 minute moderate hike before we reach the ice fall.

We strongly advice that you bring suitable warm clothes and shoes for the outdoors.

Age limit: 14 years old. Each child under the age of 18 has to be accompanied by and adult.

Price from: NOK 2.200 PER PERSON

  • Season: 1st November to 1st March (season and weather dependent)

  • Included: transport, certified ice climbing guide, climbing equipment, hot drinks and snack

  • Departure: 9:30 am

  • Duration: 5-8 hours

  • Participants: 2-4 persons. For bigger groups please send a request



The adventure starts in the evening from the Lodge.

Depending on the season, we will head walking or snowshoeing to our Northern Lights tent in the woods.

We will make a bonfire and use the tent as our base while, if the sky conditions allow us, enjoy this majestic show of nature.

A unique display in the sky combined with a pristine scenery will be an experience of a lifetime.

Price from: NOK 1.400 PER PERSON

  • Season: 15th September to 31st March

  • Included: guide, equipment, warm clothes, bonfire, snack and hot drinks

  • Departure: 8 pm

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Participants: 2-16 persons


  • Kicksled: NOK 250 per person/day

  • Arctic Clothing Package: NOK 150 per person/day. Includes warm dress, snow boots, hat and mittens

  • Snowshoes: NOK 350 per person/day